World! Slow down!

Since 2020.01.23 the closure of Wuhan, mankind officially announced the battle against coronavirus. So far on 2020.04.22, the plague has swept the world, causing 2.5M people to be diagnosed and 177k people to die, covering 210 countries and regions. It’s a horrible disaster!

At this time, the number of new cases in Wuhan and China has been zero, and people have resumed work while wearing masks.

At this time, Italy and Spain, the hardest hit area in Europe, and the United States in North America, there were tens of thousands of new cases a day. Overseas is in an extremely severe outbreak of plague.

So like China, all countries have come up with the toughest prevention and control measures to deal with the epidemic. The most critical of these is isolation, and the others are secondary methods. In order to enforce quarantine, many countries and local governments have closed schools, factories, catering and tourism industries, and only supply companies that have essentials of life have opened their doors.

These are the status quo that everyone knows, but what everyone does not know is, why is this so?

It turns out that God does not like proud and arrogant human beings. The ancients built the eleventh chapter of the Tower of Babel [Genesis], which God did not like.

Look at our pride and arrogance today. In human society, genetic modification, weapons and explosives, skyscrapers, the Internet, space shuttles, atomic bombs, biochemical supplies, etc .; crazy development and construction, crazy construction, weapon competition, arms competition, etc .; eating and drinking wild animals bats, civet cats, monkey Brain; legal cannabis, homosexuality, and genderlessness. In the natural world, severe smog, destruction of nature, extinction of animal infections, global temperature rise, and air quality decline.

Are these not enough? Was this the original plan of God’s creation of human? Absolutely not! This is caused by evil spirits such as evil, greed, arrogance, and lust.

The Bible records, that when God punished humans with the plague, the longest plague time was three days! Yes, took place in only three days!

World! slow down! Return to the beginning, read the Bible, repent and confess your sins quietly in God.

We can imagine that after the plague, people will learn the painful lessons of the plague on food safety issues and vaccines, but people will not stop large-scale research and development in order to show their determination to win the world and become the world’s largest power.

Even so, we still call, world! Slow down! Read the Bible, and quietly repent and confess in God!

World not need new vehicles and new phones every day; world not need weapons every day. 【ISAIAH】30:15 For thus saith the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength: and ye would not.

Even if you successfully develop a 50G mobile phone network, it won’t help. Because, no matter how powerful you are, as powerful as Babylon and the Roman Empire in history, you will be wiped out instantly by the words of God. [Genesis] 19:13 We are going to destroy this place. Because the voice of sin in the city was so loud before the Lord, the Lord sent us to destroy this place.

If don’t repent to God, not only will your city and kingdom perish, your final judgment after death will be eternal death; and those who confess their sins and repent will receive eternal life. That’s the Bible says.

Believe it or not, God help!


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