Air Canada cancelling select flights to China in response to coronavirus 加拿大航空因冠状病毒而取消飞往中国的部分航班

2020.01.28 5pm EST

Air Canada said on Tuesday it is cancelling select flights to China to better match capacity with expected demand as the spread of the new coronavirus rattles travellers.

Air Canada currently operates 33 flights a week to China and the resulting capacity reduction is relatively small, a company spokesman said by email. Those customers who are affected will be notified and provided with alternate travel options.

The coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China has killed 106 people and spread across the world.


加拿大航空公司发言人通过电子邮件称,目前加拿大航空公司每周有33班飞往中国的航班,因此运力下降相对较小。 那些受影响的客户将得到通知,并提供其他旅行选择。


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