申命记 Deuteronomy

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1:1 以下所记的,是摩西在约旦河东的旷野,疏弗对面的亚拉巴,就是巴兰,陀弗,拉班,哈洗录,底撒哈中间,向以色列众人所说的话。

These be the words which Moses spake unto all Israel on this side Jordan in the wilderness, in the plain over against the Red sea, between Paran, and Tophel, and Laban, and Hazeroth, and Dizahab.

1:2 从何烈山经过西珥山,到加低斯巴尼亚,有十一天的路程。

(There are eleven days’ journey from Horeb by the way of mount Seir unto Kadeshbarnea.)

1:3 出埃及第四十年,十一月初一日,摩西照耶和华藉着他所吩咐以色列人的话,都晓谕他们。

And it came to pass in the fortieth year, in the eleventh month, on the first day of the month, that Moses spake unto the children of Israel, according unto all that the LORD had given him in commandment unto them;

1:4 那时,他已经击杀了住希实本的亚摩利王西宏,和住以得来,亚斯他录的巴珊王噩。

After he had slain Sihon the king of the Amorites, which dwelt in Heshbon, and Og the king of Bashan, which dwelt at Astaroth in Edrei:

1:5 摩西在约旦河东的摩押地讲律法说,

On this side Jordan, in the land of Moab, began Moses to declare this law, saying,

1:6 耶和华我们的神在何烈山晓谕我们说,你们在这山上住的日子够了。

The LORD our God spake unto us in Horeb, saying, Ye have dwelt long enough in this mount:

1:7 要起行转到亚摩利人的山地和靠近这山地的各处,就是亚拉巴,山地,高原,南地,沿海一带迦南人的地,并黎巴嫩山又到伯拉大河。

Turn you, and take your journey, and go to the mount of the Amorites, and unto all the places nigh thereunto, in the plain, in the hills, and in the vale, and in the south, and by the sea side, to the land of the Canaanites, and unto Lebanon, unto the great river, the river Euphrates.

1:8 如今我将这地摆在你们面前。你们要进去得这地,就是耶和华向你们列祖亚伯拉罕,以撒,雅各起誓应许赐给他们和他们后裔为业之地。

Behold, I have set the land before you: go in and possess the land which the LORD sware unto your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to give unto them and to their seed after them.

1:9 那时,我对你们说,管理你们的重任,我独自担当不起。

And I spake unto you at that time, saying, I am not able to bear you myself alone:

1:10 耶和华你们的神使你们多起来。看哪,你们今日像天上的星那样多。

The LORD your God hath multiplied you, and, behold, ye are this day as the stars of heaven for multitude.

1:11 惟愿耶和华你们列祖的神使你们比如今更多千倍,照他所应许你们的话赐福与你们。

(The LORD God of your fathers make you a thousand times so many more as ye are, and bless you, as he hath promised you!)

1:12 但你们的麻烦,和管理你们的重任,并你们的争讼,我独自一人怎能担当得起呢,

How can I myself alone bear your cumbrance, and your burden, and your strife?

1:13 你们要按着各支派选举有智慧,有见识,为众人所认识的,我立他们为你们的首领。

Take you wise men, and understanding, and known among your tribes, and I will make them rulers over you.

1:14 你们回答我说,照你所说的行了为妙。

And ye answered me, and said, The thing which thou hast spoken is good for us to do.

1:15 我便将你们各支派的首领,有智慧,为众人所认识的,照你们的支派,立他们为官长,千夫长,百夫长,五十夫长,十夫长,管理你们。

So I took the chief of your tribes, wise men, and known, and made them heads over you, captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds, and captains over fifties, and captains over tens, and officers among your tribes.

1:16 当时,我嘱咐你们的审判官说,你们听讼,无论是弟兄彼此争讼,是与同居的外人争讼,都要按公义判断。

And I charged your judges at that time, saying, Hear the causes between your brethren, and judge righteously between every man and his brother, and the stranger that is with him.

1:17 审判的时候,不可看人的外貌。听讼不可分贵贱,不可惧怕人,因为审判是属乎神的。若有难断的案件,可以呈到我这里,我就判断。

Ye shall not respect persons in judgment; but ye shall hear the small as well as the great; ye shall not be afraid of the face of man; for the judgment is God’s: and the cause that is too hard for you, bring it unto me, and I will hear it.

1:18 那时,我将你们所当行的事都吩咐你们了。

And I commanded you at that time all the things which ye should do.

1:19 我们照着耶和华我们神所吩咐的从何烈山起行,经过你们所看见那大而可怕的旷野,往亚摩利人的山地去,到了加低斯巴尼亚。

And when we departed from Horeb, we went through all that great and terrible wilderness, which ye saw by the way of the mountain of the Amorites, as the LORD our God commanded us; and we came to Kadeshbarnea.

1:20 我对你们说,你们已经到了耶和华我们神所赐给我们的亚摩利人之山地。

And I said unto you, Ye are come unto the mountain of the Amorites, which the LORD our God doth give unto us.

1:21 看哪,耶和华你的神已将那地摆在你面前,你要照耶和华你列祖的神所说的上去得那地为业。不要惧怕,也不要惊惶。

Behold, the LORD thy God hath set the land before thee: go up and possess it, as the LORD God of thy fathers hath said unto thee; fear not, neither be discouraged.

1:22 你们都就近我来说,我们要先打发人去,为我们窥探那地,将我们上去该走何道,必进何城,都回报我们。

And ye came near unto me every one of you, and said, We will send men before us, and they shall search us out the land, and bring us word again by what way we must go up, and into what cities we shall come.

1:23 这话我以为美,就从你们中间选了十二个人,每支派一人。

And the saying pleased me well: and I took twelve men of you, one of a tribe:

1:24 于是他们起身上山地去,到以实各谷,窥探那地。

And they turned and went up into the mountain, and came unto the valley of Eshcol, and searched it out.

1:25 他们手里拿着那地的果子下来,到我们那里,回报说,耶和华我们的神所赐给我们的是美地。

And they took of the fruit of the land in their hands, and brought it down unto us, and brought us word again, and said, It is a good land which the LORD our God doth give us.

1:26 你们却不肯上去,竟违背了耶和华你们神的命令,

Notwithstanding ye would not go up, but rebelled against the commandment of the LORD your God:

1:27 在帐棚内发怨言说,耶和华因为恨我们,所以将我们从埃及地领出来,要交在亚摩利人手中,除灭我们。

And ye murmured in your tents, and said, Because the LORD hated us, he hath brought us forth out of the land of Egypt, to deliver us into the hand of the Amorites, to destroy us.

1:28 我们上哪里去呢,我们的弟兄使我们的心消化,说那地的民比我们又大又高,城邑又广大又坚固,高得顶天,并且我们在那里看见亚衲族的人。

Whither shall we go up? our brethren have discouraged our heart, saying, The people is greater and taller than we; the cities are great and walled up to heaven; and moreover we have seen the sons of the Anakims there.

1:29 我就对你们说,不要惊恐,也不要怕他们。

Then I said unto you, Dread not, neither be afraid of them.

1:30 在你们前面行的耶和华你们的神必为你们争战,正如他在埃及和旷野,在你们眼前所行的一样。

The LORD your God which goeth before you, he shall fight for you, according to all that he did for you in Egypt before your eyes;

1:31 你们在旷野所行的路上,也曾见耶和华你们的神抚养你们,如同人抚养儿子一般,直等你们来到这地方。

And in the wilderness, where thou hast seen how that the LORD thy God bare thee, as a man doth bear his son, in all the way that ye went, until ye came into this place.

1:32 你们在这事上却不信耶和华你们的神。

Yet in this thing ye did not believe the LORD your God,

1:33 他在路上,在你们前面行,为你们找安营的地方。夜间在火柱里,日间在云柱里,指示你们所当行的路。

Who went in the way before you, to search you out a place to pitch your tents in, in fire by night, to shew you by what way ye should go, and in a cloud by day.

1:34 耶和华听见你们这话,就发怒,起誓说,

And the LORD heard the voice of your words, and was wroth, and sware, saying,

1:35 这恶世代的人,连一个也不得见我起誓应许赐给你们列祖的美地。

Surely there shall not one of these men of this evil generation see that good land, which I sware to give unto your fathers,

1:36 惟有耶孚尼的儿子迦勒必得看见,并且我要将他所踏过的地赐给他和他的子孙,因为他专心跟从我。

Save Caleb the son of Jephunneh; he shall see it, and to him will I give the land that he hath trodden upon, and to his children, because he hath wholly followed the LORD.

1:37 耶和华为你们的缘故也向我发怒,说,你必不得进入那地。

Also the LORD was angry with me for your sakes, saying, Thou also shalt not go in thither.

1:38 伺候你,嫩的儿子约书亚,他必得进入那地。你要勉励他,因为他要使以色列人承受那地为业。

But Joshua the son of Nun, which standeth before thee, he shall go in thither: encourage him: for he shall cause Israel to inherit it.

1:39 并且你们的妇人孩子,就是你们所说,必被掳掠的,和今日不知善恶的儿女,必进入那地。我要将那地赐给他们,他们必得为业。

Moreover your little ones, which ye said should be a prey, and your children, which in that day had no knowledge between good and evil, they shall go in thither, and unto them will I give it, and they shall possess it.

1:40 至于你们,要转回,从红海的路往旷野去。

But as for you, turn you, and take your journey into the wilderness by the way of the Red sea.

1:41 那时,你们回答我说,我们得罪了耶和华,情愿照耶和华我们神一切所吩咐的上去争战。于是你们各人带着兵器,争先上山地去了。

Then ye answered and said unto me, We have sinned against the LORD, we will go up and fight, according to all that the LORD our God commanded us. And when ye had girded on every man his weapons of war, ye were ready to go up into the hill.

1:42 耶和华吩咐我说,你对他们说,不要上去,也不要争战。因我不在你们中间,恐怕你们被仇敌杀败了。

And the LORD said unto me, Say unto them, Go not up, neither fight; for I am not among you; lest ye be smitten before your enemies.

1:43 我就告诉了你们,你们却不听从,竟违背耶和华的命令,擅自上山地去了。

So I spake unto you; and ye would not hear, but rebelled against the commandment of the LORD, and went presumptuously up into the hill.

1:44 住那山地的亚摩利人就出来攻击你们,追赶你们,如蜂拥一般,在西珥杀退你们,直到何珥玛。

And the Amorites, which dwelt in that mountain, came out against you, and chased you, as bees do, and destroyed you in Seir, even unto Hormah.

1:45 你们便回来,在耶和华面前哭号。耶和华却不听你们的声音,也不向你们侧耳。

And ye returned and wept before the LORD; but the LORD would not hearken to your voice, nor give ear unto you.

1:46 于是你们在加低斯住了许多日子。

So ye abode in Kadesh many days, according unto the days that ye abode there.


1:1-2 以色列人用了四十年,才走完实际上只需要走十一天的路程。不是由于他们与应许之地距离太远,而是他们的内心出了问题。神不但要把这一大群人安置到新的地方,他的旨意其实是预备他们,在进入应许之地以后过顺服的生活。假使以色列人跟当地的人一模一样邪恶不仁,他应许把地赐给他们又有甚么益处呢?长途跋涉实在使他们苦不堪言,对磨炼他们的心志却是不可少的。神藉这事教导他们,要认识他是怎样的一位神──他乃是永生神,是全民的领袖。他也教导百姓认识自己是败坏、犯罪、又悖逆又怀疑神的人。他将律法赐给这些悖逆之民,使他们晓得应该怎样敬畏神、与人相处。你的属灵旅程虽然漫长,可能有痛苦失望与艰难,但是请你切记,神不但要使你存活,他更要你过事奉他、敬爱他的生活。

1:1-5 以色列人在旷野飘流四十年,本书只记载他们在这最后一年的第十一个月之中一两个礼拜的经历(1:3)。第十二个月,就是最后一个月,他们为摩西哀哭(34:8)。他们在出埃及以后第四十一年的正月,进入应许之地(参4:19)。

1:6-7 请留意看摩西述说以色列人四十年行程的摘要,不是从埃及而是从何烈(西奈)山开始。他为甚么将出埃及的头一部分略去?因为他并不是要列出详尽的行程,只是摘述民族的发展。他认为,以色列族不是在埃及,乃是在西奈山下开始形成的,因为神在那里与他百姓立约(参19:20)。他们与神立约后,就有了全备的知识与责任。他们既自愿选择信服神,就必须知道怎样信从他。因此神赐下详细的律法与原则,说明他期望百姓过怎样的生活(这些律例典章记载在出埃及记、利未记和民数记中),从此他们不能再推诿,说不懂得分辨是非。他们既答应顺从神,也知道该怎样做,就有责任谨守遵行。神若吩咐你拔营起程,面对他所赐的新挑战,你是否准备顺命呢?

1:9-13 摩西若独力引领全族,确是个极大的重担,他一个人难以完成任务。好像其他民族、机构与教会的增长一样,以色列民中的事务变得越来越复杂。纷争时起,意见纷纭,一位领导人已无法决断全局。你可能像摩西一样倾向独揽一切工作,不敢或者不好意思请人帮助。摩西作了明智的决定,叫别人与他一同担负领导工作。不要一个人负起全部的责任,当找别人共同负担,使他们也可以运用神所赐的才干与能力。

1:13-18 摩西列出卓越领袖必备的内在素质:(1)有智慧;(2)有见识;(3)为众人所尊敬。这些特点跟现在人常用以遴选领袖的资格,有显著的差别。现代人注重仪表、财富、声望,有出人头地的抱负。身为领导的,应当令人看出具有摩西所列的素质,在选举贤能的时候,也要物色这类才德之士。

1:22 摩西打发探子去窥探迦南地,不是决定应否进入应许之地,而是察探应当从何处进入。但是探子回来以后,大多数皆认为不值得付代价去冒险犯难。神必定赐攻地的能力,但是他们不敢冒险,决定放弃。神虽然赐我们能力以胜过一切障碍,但是我们常常像以色列人一样满怀疑惧,让困难控制一生。顺从神,不理会诸般艰难,必能因信而英勇得胜。

1:23-40 摩西讲述探子侦察应许之地的情形(民13-14章)。探子回来报告那地有巨人(亚衲族人),城市墙垣高大,百姓就惧怕而不敢前进,开始怨天尤人,陷入进退两难的困境。但是约书亚与迦勒二人指出,这地不仅肥沃,而且敌人脆弱,是可以击败的,因为有神帮助他们。我们若只消极地专注难处,就会畏首畏尾,不敢行动。尽量专注于正面──那是神的指示与应许。在你面对重要抉择并明白当做的事时,要凭信心迈步向前,别让困难阻碍你得胜。

1:28 迦南地有巨人和高大的坚固城邑。巨人就是亚衲族人,可能身高2.1到2.7公尺。那地有许多坚固城,城墙约有9公尺高。以色列人的惧怕虽然可以理解,但却不成理由,因为全能的神已经应许他们能胜过那里的人。

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